New Friend the 2nd

pink_googles.gifEveryone welcome my friend Sydney on to the board. she is one of my best friends ever. I would really be checking out her website . 


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    1. There will be a contest on my website.The contest is:1st place is 500 comments and you get a rainbow coffee table.exclusiv-30thumbnail.jpg 2nd place is 350 comments and you get a red airplane. exclusiv-29thumbnail.jpg3rd place is 240 comments and you get you get  something from the winterfest.If you have a website please tell everyone about this site and about the contest. I am counting on everyone to have an awesome time.  I will be counting on minervascupcake a lot since she is so nice wfall1.jpg

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    New Kinzstyle Designs Found

    Here are confirmed  with pictures. Here are a few.clothes2-03-08.jpg

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    Some more information

    This is some more information I found out.webkinzextravaganza1.jpg

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    Webkinz Day Information

    This below is some of the webkinz day information. Please check it out.webkinzday.png

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    Two secret recipes Solved

    You might remember Chef Gazpacho mixing up trickle treacle and fluffed snuglspuffin. Now I have figured out how to make them. For fluffed snuglapuffin you need chicken noodle soup , cookies and hot chocolate and mix it in a stove. For tricke treacle you need cola , pumpkin and pickles in a blender. Enjoy ! Anyone can use this information

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    Webkinz Day

    Go to your local webkinz retailer to see what they are doing on webkinz day. Where I live there is going to be  something at the nearest hallmark. The nearest is in Bangor maine. Where  you chosse from 14 different selection of webkinz and  get one free webkinz if you have  a purchase of $10.00 or more thank you.webkinzday31.jpg

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    New Friend

    headerbdayminaa.jpgI have met my first friend online Minerva. She said she loved my blog. I am going o keep it up. Plus check the blog to visit 

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    New Webkinz For May

    The whimsy dragon  rhino , golden lion , lil kinz black poodle , lil kinz chicken , samoyed dog , and lemon lime gecko are coming out. Time to get your webkinz craziness going.new_release_may.jpg

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    retired Webkinz

    lilleopard.pngSince new webkinz are on the way a few have to retire. The lil kinz panda , love puppy  , sherbert bunny , yellow lab , black stallion are now retired. Even though it says the li kinz leopard is. It isn’t on it says ganz made a mistake on that webkinz. 

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