June Webkinz

I just found some kool pics of new June webkinz. They are awesome I am defnitely getting the siamese , lemon lime gecko and the  pink googles. They are adorable. Please look at the pictures below. Remember to comment on my comment contest. Below is the lemon lime gecko , siamese cat , pink googles and the lil kinz cleyesdale

Bye webkinzunite23


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After Emily’s Header

After Emily’s header I will do the header kittycream made me. Check out her website many people might not know this but she makes fantastic headers.

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This is how many hits I have at least that is what it says on my widgets. If you know how to put more stuff on you blog besides search please tell me.

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More then that

Well I have more then that sorry

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Sneak Peek

I saw a sneak peek at the new warriors series by  Erin Hunter it was at barnes and noble .com

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Oh my god I have 203 views thanks to everyone that visited my website. Wait that doesn’t mean stop visiting though. So stay tuned for more great new.

Thanks webkinzunite23

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News April 19th

Here is the webkinz news April 19th.

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New Header

Emily made me a new header. I will use that one after webkinz day is over. That is really what comes on the third webkinz day.

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Whoose Items

Whoose Itms do you think these are ?

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New Contest

Since the last two contest went so well I am going to do another one this time there will be different items. I am still waiting for the previous owners to let me be on my friends list. My name is chrisdaughteryrocks if any one wants to know. Here are the prizes

 First place = 200 comments and Queen Marie’s  Pediwig

2nd place = 150 comments and  the winter wonderland

3rd place = Rock and Roll dresser an 100 comments

4th  place= the jungle blender and 50 comments


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