Dear People on My Site

 I haven’t been on for awhile because I have been camping. so till to tomarrow I might be posting al ot.  a big thanks to Luna and Minerva for helping me when I was gone. Trading room is back minerva told me she is so nice. So is luna check out the comment contest



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Please come here

Please check out this fantastic website . I visited it recently it is good.

Bye webkinzunite23

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Dear Seraozzy141

Dear seraozzy141 ,

Can you please write on my blog sometime soon ?

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Party Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Go to Lizzieann

Go to this awesome website to help raise her hits.

Thanks Webkinzunite23

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Virtual Valentine’s Monkey Picture

This is a picture of the virtual Valentine’s Monkey. It is a limited time only webkinz. They start shipping them in December 2008. A little to early if you ask me. but the love monkey is adorable. They will still have the love frog for Valentine’s Day as well. Good luck finding the love monkey and love frog in December 2008. Remember Christmas is in December and maybe you can ask for them. Some stores in my area still have the love frog and reindeer and are trying to sell them quickly. For more details please go to these to addresses. The South Portland Mall Hallmark in Maine has the love frog and the reindeer last time I checked. The Mr. Paperback in Ellsworth  Maine still is has the love frog , all frogs there are now 25% off the orginal price. The Carols Drug Store in Southwest Harbor had a lot of reindeers last time I checked as well.

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Christmas Clothes and Carriers

There will be limited edition Christmas clothes and carriers. The carriers are so cute and they are to hold webkinz.  The outfits are for elves and they are adorable. Every Holiday Carrier comes with a Feature Code that unlocks an exclusive Magical Holiday  Wardrobe. Not available for any other pet carrier !

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Visit These Sites Please

Hi everyone try to visit this fantastic webkinz site that is on my blogroll . It is another one of my websites. Also try to visit . I know she is not into webkinz as much as me but please encourage her and say nice things. This is another great blog you should visit .  I just wanted to inform everybody of these links.

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This is for whoever works on my blog

Dear Minerva and Seraozzy141 ,

Please try to do you best and write posts everyday. It doesn’t matter if you don’t but I would like you to try. By the way great work on the posts Minerva I know you  both have a blog but please try to do you best and do posts as much as possible. I am sorry if you are busy. I know  you will be. Just try to post as much as possible.

Great Work and Have Fun


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Snowman and Love Monkey

I went to this webkinz website and it said pre- order the webkinz snowman and love monkey. Each of the them were $19.99.  I want them  but I don’t want to spend that much. It was on this webksite called . I will put it on my blogroll soon. It wouldn’t let me put the snowman picture. I will do that one later.

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