Listen Up Here People

This blog is going to be deleted by me and  I am serious. Me ( webkinzunite) doesn’t want to deal with it anymore and refuse to give it to anybody else who works here. No pleading or begging me to stay as I have already made my dicision. I have been an almost all A’s this year and I mighto do gymnastics again. So I am sorry I don’t care if you guys don’t like my dicision. You even forget about thre blog itself, so sorry but you had your choice to get me back in your little group, but that time has passed. I have grown up and almost tryed to sell my webkinz account on Ebay. No none of you can have that either. So see you guys this blog is going to be deleted in like 2 days. You can say bye to me if you like but the won’t change what I am doing. I might be on occasionallly even if I am don’t count me to stay and chat with you guys, you might think it is unfair to leave you but face it you guys don’t even care about this blog yourselves. I have had enough of wordpress and webkinz and am now moving around with the rest of my friends on . I am done with this and bye forever my friends on wordpress and webkinz world.


P.S  ~ Sorry if you convince me to stay I will leave even sooner and  never say good- bye before I do it. You can call me your friend but don’t talk about me on wordpress ever unless I pop up at some random momment. I will except good-byes and farewells and have a better life that I am done with this mess.


December 1, 2008. Uncategorized. 11 comments.