Sorry to Starheart

Dear Starheart,

I am really sorry for what I had said and am sorry if you choose not to visit this blog. But you know how people get stressed out sometimes right.  Well that was what I was because I thought everybody hated me.  And I didn’t mean what I had said to I was stressed out and sometimes i  just type random things. I am really sorry if  I hurt your feelings in the process. I am just used to having my feelings spoken out loud and I guess I should kind of change that shouldn’t I?  Even though you don’t like me now I hope you will still read this and see how sorry I am.  I hope you accept my apology and come back again. And am sorry that you were dissapointed in my blog.

Please Come Again and Join the Fun!



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Let’s rebuild this site and get back WebkinzUnites fans!

Hi Everyone!

WebkinzUnite thinks that no body likes her anymore because she doesn’t like Webkinz, but that is not true, is it? Lets show her that we still like her and her site even though it is not about Webkinz! So advertise, come here a lot, comment! This site is no longer about Webkinz, it is about random stuff (I think) or anything WebkinzUnite wants it to be about….


EVERYONE! Help WebkinzUnite make this site great again and get back her fans!

We can do it!


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Forget all that Webkinz Stuff

Who here likes webkinz still? Not me!


Also sorry because I am having only two people on this blog anymore and it is no longer about webkinz. It is about hoboes because they are awesome and good books and movies and whatever I want to be about.

So the only people that I know I can trust to work on here anymore are…..

Crystalsing, Smiley97 and Siiba!

Face it you guys nobody likes this blog anymore all of my old friends are gone just because I don’t like webkinz. What happened to Rose and  all of the those people I was friends with.

They just abandoned me and that is what everybody is going to do. This is what they will do I am serious no ifs,ands  or buts ok.

This is what they did:

~Lets not be friends with that stupid webkinzunite person anymore because she doesn’t like webkinz.

~Yeah lets not becuase the only thing we  liked about her blog was the webkinz part.

~ How about we abandon her until (he or she) likes webkinz again.

~That is a great idea lets do that!


Me on the other hand am very mad about this. I want my fans back. They don’t like me anymore  because I don’t like webkinz. Admit you guys the only reason you went on this blog was because of webkinz.


I want my fans back. And this is going to be a whatever blog.

Advertise for a friend if you can tell people to come here. Siiba, smiley97, crystaling make posts for yourself.


Lets get to it.


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No don’t leave me please! I am starting this blog over and Crystalsing is right once again. Its just you guys don’t bother to say anything nice to me at all. Especially stargirl. And how do you approve comment by the way. I do not like webkinz anymore people. They are so boring  no offense! so this is the whatever i want this blog to be blog. I am tired of people  yelling at me. So I am deleting all my webkinz  posts and all that boring stuff and starting over



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