Twilight and Hoboes

I have made a Twilight page and nobody here has visited it except Starheart. That makes me feel that you guys have forgotten about me again. So check it out on the page. And go to  this  cool hobo website, that everybody at my school likes including me. So here is the hobo web address . Its one of the best websites ever.

Twilight is a very good book and I want more people to learn more about it not leave it on the shelves collecting dust. So anyone who like or loves Twilight in this case can tell people about it on the Twilight page,especially created for people who love or want to learn morea bout Twilight.

Yet again to help my friend go to or visit the store at


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Hello Again

 This is like the only thing I like on the web anymore peoples. Club penguin with us lasted like a month and it got super boring. Webkinz I stopped that at the beginning of September and all of those wierd stuff I kind of quit first time.


But does anyone know that Wizards101 game that they advertise a lot. My sister goes on that and I have to say it is completely terrible.  The graphics are super bad and you fight ghosts and fairies. So if any of you are trying to find something to do don’t listen to that add the game really sucks. Not that I have played it myself.


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