You won’t except the real me will you. 

I am done getting into these web fights between people.

And hurting peoples feelings.

If you want to get to know me better than just say it.

I will try to make my posts more interesting for everybody.

Is this really good-bye?



March 8, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. webkinzcollecter replied:

    Have I met you?

  2. crystalsing replied:

    hey!! its been quite some time, ive been really busy..

  3. ♥♥♥Tillie♥♥♥ replied:

    umm…. hi! i’ve never been here

  4. smiley97 replied:

    hey want me 2 post sum 4 ur webkinzunite?? and amyb u shud get a new name since u dnt like webkinz anymore like ummmmmmmmm idk lol

  5. WebkinzFan123 replied:

    I would ♥ to work here webkinzunite23(not)!!!!

  6. Siiba replied:

    I am tired of fights, too 😦

  7. Siiba replied:

    And Webkinzfan123, than why did you say you would like to work here? Are you having some sort of problem? Maybe you should get help 😦

  8. WebkinzFan123 replied:

    no siiba i said not because he said he doesnt like webkinz anymore so i said not to his name and sorry i didnt no u replied on my cp site and yes plz yes add me as a worker!

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