Comment Contest Peeps!!!!!!

Okay guess da what?

I am going to have a comment contest. and the grand prize is my webkinz account, first of all i don’t do webkinz anymore…soooooo yeah….comment contest peeps….i will decide the prizes at a later time sooooo comment till you keyboards are out of writing….

because the grand prize to this contest is my webkinz account…my webkinz account with 57 webkinz!!!!!!!! Sooooo comment till whenever…

but because the grand prize is my webkinz account I need some other stuff to give away too…

sooooo for now

250 Comment= Exclusive Itetm

500 comments= Seasonal Item

750 comments=Exclusive Item

1,000 comments=Crown of Wonder

1,500 comments=Exclusive Item

3,000 comments=My Webkinz Account


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i still luvv ya guys…but u  ppl are acting like i dont even exisit ik tht i havent been on in a while but i am still alive…

but the thing is tht idk if u guys are actually kids or not…or just ppl pretending to be kids…soooo if u seriously wnt to like kno more about me just search me on fb..

but i wont be under webkinzunite23 its actually something i cant tell u guys if u email me…i mean seriously how am i supposed to kno…sooo just hit me up with an email at or

school starts soon and i am not to  thrilled ’bout it…oooooooh joy its skool i am sooooo not happay about tht i will tell u tht much…

but idk if  nvm…i still luvv u ppls (but in a brother or sister way)

kk well

ttyl byeee



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going camping

i  am going camping soon!! yay…i kno i haven’t been on  in a while but i still luv u ppls../(in a brother or sister kind of way)

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ya i got mad at my parents they took away my facebook…but then i remembered to go on here…

but ya i forogt how to use everything again…so if any1 knows how to then pleez tell me

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