i still luvv ya guys…but u  ppl are acting like i dont even exisit ik tht i havent been on in a while but i am still alive…

but the thing is tht idk if u guys are actually kids or not…or just ppl pretending to be kids…soooo if u seriously wnt to like kno more about me just search me on fb..

but i wont be under webkinzunite23 its actually something i cant tell u guys if u email me…i mean seriously how am i supposed to kno…sooo just hit me up with an email at ashleym4ever@gmail.com or ashleymc1222@gmail.com

school starts soon and i am not to  thrilled ’bout it…oooooooh joy its skool i am sooooo not happay about tht i will tell u tht much…

but idk if  nvm…i still luvv u ppls (but in a brother or sister way)

kk well

ttyl byeee




September 3, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. crystalsing replied:

    🙂 havent heard from u in a while like i havent visited this blog in like 3 months sry 😐 first… ya pretty much stopped posting for like months and i still came back like every other day to see if youd posted anything… so i gave up… then my internet stopped working… we got it fixed like exactly a month ago so thats great. i mean… u could at least comment on other blogs 😉 love ya!


  2. webkinzunite23 replied:

    yuppp…..do u hve a facebook? i know i did i just got addicted to facebook and stuff like that 🙂

  3. crystalsing replied:

    i deleted my blog cuz i never posted and nobody ever came anywayz. and i have a facebook! im Reflective Rose… but beware cuz every once in a while i change my name 🙂

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