Comment Contest Peeps!!!!!!

Okay guess da what?

I am going to have a comment contest. and the grand prize is my webkinz account, first of all i don’t do webkinz anymore…soooooo yeah….comment contest peeps….i will decide the prizes at a later time sooooo comment till you keyboards are out of writing….

because the grand prize to this contest is my webkinz account…my webkinz account with 57 webkinz!!!!!!!! Sooooo comment till whenever…

but because the grand prize is my webkinz account I need some other stuff to give away too…

sooooo for now

250 Comment= Exclusive Itetm

500 comments= Seasonal Item

750 comments=Exclusive Item

1,000 comments=Crown of Wonder

1,500 comments=Exclusive Item

3,000 comments=My Webkinz Account


September 24, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. crystalsing replied:

    sry… i dont do webknz anymore either

  2. smiley97 replied:

    kewl contest (: i havent talked 2 u in a while webkinzunite :/ i dont talk 2 anyone on here much anymore

  3. ~♥WebkinzFan123 replied:

    COME ON LETS GET THE CONTEST STARTED!! P.S. plz let me work here

  4. littleleaf32 replied:

    Hey I loved to win your account, but I have a long ways to comment.

  5. littleleaf32 replied:

    I’ll need some help! Anyone!

  6. littleleaf32 replied:

    I have some questions about your account.

  7. littleleaf32 replied:

    How many webkinz do you have?

  8. littleleaf32 replied:

    How many rooms do you have?

  9. littleleaf32 replied:

    How much kinzcash do you have?

  10. littleleaf32 replied:

    When does your account expire?

  11. littleleaf32 replied:

    How many items do you have in your dock?

  12. littleleaf32 replied:

    Do you have any estore items on your account?

  13. littleleaf32 replied:

    Oh, and can you get me out of moderation.

  14. littleleaf32 replied:

    If there anyway that you could just give me the account without me having to comment for 3.000 comments?

  15. littleleaf32 replied:

    I will comment but 3.000 is alot of comments for one person.

  16. AmberFireFeather replied:

    Wow this is an amazing contest!

  17. AmberFireFeather replied:

    Are you going to log into Webkinz World tomorrow for the Christmas stuff? I sure am…

  18. AmberFireFeather replied:

    I’m looking forward to the draw for the Sweet Tooth Tiger (comes with starlight candy sofa and eats Crust Cavity Crumble) the PSF is very creative I think.

  19. AmberFireFeather replied:

    So which Webkinz pets do you have? It’s just that I have a PSF collection and I could really really use the 57 PSFs. lol

  20. AmberFireFeather replied:

    Would you mind visiting my blog? It’s http:/

  21. AmberFireFeather replied:

    How long has this contest been running?

  22. AmberFireFeather replied:

    Just thought I’d drop off and wish you a very Merry Christmas! Happy holidays, AmberFireFeather

  23. webkinzunite23 replied:

    webkinzfan123 i would let u work here but i don’t know how to let eople work here. since i haven’t been on in a while

  24. webkinzunite23 replied:

    okie dokie people, the contest is over because i tried to get into my webkinz account and it expired…i am really sorry,
    if anyone knows how to get it back i would give it to that person right away

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